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Beethoven Pno. Con. No. 5 in E-flat Major

This is a live recording of Beethoven's 5th piano concerto, entitled "Emperor." Walter Hautzig played it over Israeli state radio on Nov. 20, 2006 with the Jerusalem Academy Orchestra under the baton of Prof. Ilan Schul as part of the celebration of Mr. Hautzig's 85th birthday.

7 Tracks - Total Time: 56:51

Beethoven finished the Concerto No. 5 for Piano in 1809, and it is his last and most lavish and impressive of [his] piano concertos. It is a wonderful combination of virtuosity and orchestral writing. The concerto has a symphonic structure: the first movement, Allegro, is full of heroic themes and matching rhythmical patterns as well as daring textural sonorities. It is for these reasons that the concerto has been named “The Emperor” evoking Napoleon, although Beethoven was far from one of his admirers. Beethoven himself dedicated the concerto to his patron, Archduke Rudolph, who had received other acknowledgements from the composer such as the famous “Archduke Trio”. An interesting innovation in the first movement (Allegro) involves the replacement of the traditional cadenza with an elaborate coda. The second movement (Adagio un poco mosso) unfolds from an enchanting and beautiful melody. The third movement (Allegro) is a vivid and lively rondo.

I [Hayuta Devir] am honored and actually more than a little excited to invite to the stage the pianist and soloist Walter Hautzig, and the conductor Ilan Schul, performing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, “The Emperor”.

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Americus records wish to thank the Israel Broadcasting Authority for all their help and for making this recording available.

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Recorded November 20, 2006 in Jerusalem, Israel. Cover photo by Ron Hiran. Recording by Motti Arnon; Tone Master Michael Poper; Sound Avi Elbaz. Mastering by Charlie Pilzer of Airshow Mastering. Graphic Design by John DesMarteau.

Walter Hautzig – Pianist – September 28, 1921 - January 30, 2017

Walter Hautzig began his musical studies in Vienna, where he was born in 1921. He was able to escape the Nazi take over of Austria in 1938 through the efforts of violinist Emile Hauser, and so continued his studies at the Jerusalem Conservatory in what was then Palestine. He has made his home in New York City since the 1940’s when he graduated from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

While at the Curtis Institute, Mr. Hautzig studied with Mieczyslaw Munz, a student of Busoni. He also studied privately with acclaimed pianist Artur Schnabel.

He has played countless recitals in more than fifty countries worldwide and has appeared with leading orchestras in cities from A to Z including: Auckland, Baltimore, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Mexico City, Melbourne, New York, St. Louis, Zurich, etc. He was the first American concert artist to perform in China with the normalization of relations in 1979.

At the time of his death, Mr. Haitzig was considered one of the last great romantic pianists. In addition, Mr. Hautzig currently holds the record as the longest time as a Steinway artist.

Several years ago, Mr. Hautzig published his autobiography entitled "Playing Around…The World: A Pianist Remembers". It is available from Amazon.

This is the eight and final recording that Mr. Hautzig recorded for Americus.

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD) – Orchestra, Ilan Schul – Conductor

Prof. Ilan schulEstablished in 1995, the Jerusalem Academy Orchestra (JAO) is composed of students as well as some graduates who have proved their excellence as performing musicians. Members of the JAMD faculty that conduct the orchestra include Prof. Mendi Rodan, Prof. Avner Biron, Stanley Sperber, Dr. Yevgeny Zirlin and Prof. Ilan Schul, [former] President of the Academy, who serves as its music director. Visiting conductors from Israel and abroad have included Shlomo Mintz, Martin Van Woerkom and Dorel Pascu.

JAO is the Jerusalem Academy's principal ensemble for music performance, providing promising young musicians the opportunity to acquire professional experience as orchestra musicians. Its 40 members are encouraged to develop the highest level of performance, preparing them for potential careers as instrumentalists for symphonic and chamber orchestras both in Israel and internationally.

In addition to appearing in performances produced by JAMD for Jerusalem audiences, the orchestra participates in many different festival and mini series of concerts throughout the country. These include: the Israel Festival, the Sound of the Desert Festival, the Sound of Music Festival in Kfar Blum, the Joachim Rodrigo Festival, the Abu Gosh Festival, the concert series for young people, sponsored by the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, and the series at the Shtriker Israeli Conservatory in Tel Aviv. Orchestra performances have been broadcasted nationally within the framework of the Etnachta series of the Israeli Broadcasting Authorities.

As part of the JAMD program of cultural exchange with European music institutes, the orchestra has appeared in Germany, Denmark, Austria, France and other countries. Wherever the orchestra plays, its young artists have been received by audiences with enthusiasm and deep appreciation.