Catalogue: Walter Hautzig

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A Schubert Fantasy

From the Album Notes:

1997 commemorated the 200th anniversary of Franz Schubert’s birth. In his short life of thirty-one years he composed numerous songs, dances, chamber works, operas, masses, and nine symphonies. Anyone who has listened to his music cannot help but be impressed by...

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Beethoven Pno. Con. No. 5 in E-flat Major

7 Tracks - Total Time: 56:51

Beethoven finished the Concerto No. 5 for Piano in 1809, and it is his last and most lavish and impressive of [his] piano concertos. It is a wonderful combination of virtuosity and orchestral writing. The concerto has a symphonic structure: ...

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12 Tracks – Total Time: 67:57

Legendary pianist Walter Hautzig has chosen a wide-ranging selection of some of the works of one of the greatest composers for the piano Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849). Mr. Hautzig has had a very long relationship with this music and the result is a...

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Chopin - Sonata in B Minor

12 Tracks – Total Time: 75:35

Rather than writing brief passages about the sublime music of Frederick Chopin, I decided to write about my friend and colleague in music—Walter Hautzig—who celebrates his 85th birthday this year. The small amount of space found here allo...

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Dances for the Piano

30 Tracks – Total Time: 72:51

When the 29-year old Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) set foot in Vienna in 1862, he surely felt a shiver of excitement to be in the city of his heroes Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert. T...

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My Favorite Encores

19 Tracks – Total Time: 73:56

For many musicians, encores represent luscious desserts or special treats for performers to share with an appreciative audience at the end of a concert. Favorite piano encores tend to elicit one of two types of verbal responses.

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The Piano & The Cello

CD1 – 7 Tracks – Total Time: 67:39 —— CD2 – 8 Tracks – Total Time: 72:15

Beethoven's cycle of five sonatas for cello and piano represents an historical landmark not only in the development of the classical sonata, but also of the cello and its relation to the piano in this...